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Wanderlust Music: My European Playlist

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Wanderlust Music: My European Playlist

There is nothing better than hearing a song and being transported to what feels like a moonlit plaza in Italy or a romantic balcony over looking the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Jazz has always been a favorite of mine when looking for music to remind me of time spent in Europe or of places I want to go along with some musical numbers from films, waltzes and even a little pop. So yet again, I have complied another playlist of wanderlust filled music.

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Royal Caribbean Cruiseline: Transatlantic vs. Mediterranean vs. Caribbean

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Royal Caribbean Cruiseline: Transatlantic vs. Mediterranean vs. Caribbean

Royal Caribbean Cruiseline: Transatlantic vs. Mediterranean vs. Caribbean

For those of you new to my blog, first welcome! Get ready to learn all about my love for cruising! I started cruising when I was six years old and throughout the years, I’ve come to find out that no other vacation really beats cruising along the sea while you eat lots of food and meet new friends!

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SPRING 2017 | Travel Vlog

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SPRING 2017 | Travel Vlog

Hello! Its been a little bit since I’ve uploaded a video but I’m back! Although the clips in this video are from awhile back, I’m excited to share it with you guys!

Side note: Sorry about the black bars in the video, it was my first time using Final Cut Pro and I could figure out how to do it too well lol.

Thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel Melody Wanders!

10 Things I Want to See and Do in 2018!

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10 Things I Want to See and Do in 2018!

I cannot believe that 2017 has now passed us by and a new year has begun. As every January rolls around, it’s a time for starting anew and making goals for the new year in order to find the best version of ourselves.

I love Januarys in the way that it allows us to start fresh and begin new things and aim higher for our goals the best we can. Just like last year, I have compiled a list of things I want to see and do just like I did last year as sort of a bucket list for the new year.

Although I didn’t complete everything on my list, I was pleasantly surprised by everything I accomplished last year and I can’t wait for this year to reach some new goals and even accomplish some old ones as well.

So here are 10 things I would love to see and do in 2018!

1- Bali, Indonesia

photo from Tumblr

This one is kind of a big goal for me that I really hope to accomplish this year. Like many people, after watching Eat, Pray, Love, I have always wanted to venture off to Bali to see the beautiful nature and wildlife the country holds. I would also love to partake in a retreat of some sort in this gorgeous place like a yoga or meditation retreat. But overall, I want to spend some lazy days by the sea or by an amazing waterfall in the middle of a forest.

2. Back to Italy! (and Austria!)

photo from

I really would love to visit these counties I love so much especially the enchanting lands of Italy in the summer. I fell in love with the Italian lifestyle and the food and every time I leave, I can’t wait to go back. I also really want to visit some of my former host families I had the privilege of meeting nearly two years ago and see how everyone has been.


photo from Cruise Critic

I definitely want to go back on a cruise as soon as possible and hopefully get to spend some time with old friends along with some new ones. I definitely want to try some new ports and new excursions while on my favorite form of travel.

4. Take a Tour in a New Place!

photo from Pinterest

Like last year, I want to put this one back on my list in hopes that this is the year it happens. I want to take a sort of tour like Contiki or EF Ultimate Break and try to go somewhere i haven’t been before or someplace I haven’t visited for awhile.

5. Cliff Diving

photo from Beyond Worlds

Another thing on last year’s list I never did and still want to do in this following year is cliff dive! I’m naturally a scared person when it comes to thrilling rides or dare devil stunts but this is something that I am determine I will do once in my life.

6. Paris in the Spring

photo from A French Collection

This is definitely one I didn’t think I would ever put on my list but recently I’ve been daydreaming about this city in the spring and having some sort of lush vacation there after reading Solo Sophie’s blogs on this mysterious and romantic city.

7. The Florida Keys

tiki water
photo from

It’s very surprising that I never visited the Keys while living in Florida and now that I’m moving back I really want to visit the Florida Keys during (possibly) spring break and spend time with my friends enjoying the beach along with some fruity cocktails.

8. Copenhagen, Denmark

photo from St. Christopher’s Inn

I have never been to Denmark but it’s always been something on my bucket list of places I wanted to visit one day and maybe this year will be the one. I’ve heard from many people, blogs, and even Danish people themselves that this place holds the happiest people on earth and as a happy person myself I want to check this city out for myself.

9. Get Up Earlier!

photo from

I know this isn’t exactly a travel related thing to put on the blog, but I feel like in turn this will help me out more with my blog and traveling because I will be able to use more of the day in order to see more of life.

10. Write on This Blog Eight Times a Month!

photo from The Banter Press

This year wasn’t exactly a year of consistency when it came to this blog and that makes me really sad because writing this blog, as hard as it can be sometimes, is something I love doing and something I want to continue for a long time. This year I want to put this blog first and really pour my heart and soul to it and I hope that in return you guys will love it too.

BONUS: Photography

photo from Thomas Fitzgerald Photography

For Christmas, I got an amazing gift (thanks Mom and Dad!) in the form of a camera so although I am new to photography I want to try and put beautiful new pictures on the blog for all of you to enjoy!

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and that you all had a wonderful new year! I’m doing some new improvements to the blog next week so there won’t be any new post, however I will be posting some videos instead so look out for those!

Thanks for reading and be sure to comment below what you want to put out into the Universe to accomplish this year!

17 Things: A Compilation

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17 Things: A Compilation

Hello friends! What an eventful year it has been! Although this isn’t my reflective blog post about the year, this is, however, my poetic version of how my year went. Now, beware and remember that I am no Amanda Lovelace or Rupi Kaur, but I’m simply a person who gets weird inspiration in the middle of the night. I really enjoyed writing 21 Things for my birthday earlier this year and I wanted to do something similar as an ode to this year!

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Christmas in New York City

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Christmas in New York City

Christmas; my favorite time of the year! When thinking about Christmas, many things spring to mind like hot chocolate by an open fire, sledding on bright white snow, and the joy of simply exchanging gifts.

When thinking about the most festive places in all the land, New York City is definitely at the top of the list. Films such as Miracle of 34th Street, Elf, Home Alone 2 and many more are all set in the lit up city that never sleeps.

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