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Top Five Most Romantic Destinations I’ve Been To

Valentines Day is tomorrow and for those of you who might not know, it’s one of my favorite holidays of the year! I know many people will say that it’s a hallmark holiday, a simple excuse to buy expensive chocolate and teddy bears but I see more than that, I see it as a day to celebrate love!

I’m single, but I’ve always found myself surrounded by those I love most of this day along with doing some exciting activities like dinner with friends or even going to movies with my family. So be sure to enjoy this day of love, with a partner, friend or family member and have fun!

As a world traveler, I have been to countless romantic destinations meant to be spent with the love of your life or even by yourself (because self love is the best love!) and today I will be listing my top 5 favorite most romantic destinations I’ve had the privilege to visit. (In no particular order)

  1. Italy


This country screams romance every single time I’m there, and after living there for more than two months I’ve encountered so many cities and towns that just radiate true love that I couldn’t just pick one place. So from the hills of Tuscany down to the seaside of Positano to the mountains by Lake Como is a place just wanting to be discovered by you and the person you love most!

2. Barcelona, Spain


My sister’s favorite city in the world is also gorgeous and filled with spectacular architecture and culture and is a place meant for love. Spain is filled with so many great people, music and food and if you’re in the mood to discover a city that continues to surprise me each time I’m there then Barcelona is the city to visit.

3. Caribbean


Think romantic walks by the sea as the sun sets on the horizon and waves crash nearby. I’ve been to the Caribbean countless times and I see why so many people would pick any of the wonderful islands in the Caribbean for a honeymoon or a place to just getaway and spend time with love ones.

4. Villefranche-su-Mer, France

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I just visited this city for the first time last spring and I fell in love with the town as I imagined writers such as Hemingway and F.Scott Fitzgerald had as well. Right by the sea lies a quiet little town where cars hardly drive and I feel like neighbors know each other well.

It’s also conveniently located very close to Nice and Monaco (both less than 30 minute train ride away), if you’re ever in the mood to visit a luxurious city. This town on the French Riviera is so gorgeous and one day I will return again with a boyfriend of my own to enjoy this romantic getaway.

5. Cruising!

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I know it’s not a surprise that it is on yet another list, but this has always been (at least for me) the most romantic place to spend with a love one. Cruising is great choice because there different destinations (all of them on the list) and trips to choose from. It’s a place where you can meet other people, bond with your partner and spend time relaxing without worrying cooking or cleaning and truly just focus on the person you love.

I hope you all enjoyed this short list full of places to make your heart swoon and remember that love is love at the end of the day! Happy Love Day everyone!

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