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Five Tips for Halloween Horror Nights (Universal Studios Orlando)

Halloween is nearly upon us and there is nothing I love more than carving pumpkins and watching scary Hitchcock films. Although Halloween comes at the end of this month, corn mazes and haunted houses like Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) have already begun.

Living near Orlando for many years meant that going to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Orlando has become a sort of tradition. The first year I went was in 2014, I was petrified of what I would find, but I had a surprisingly amazing time with my friends and I found that it was fun to loosen up and get scared.


I’ve gone every year since 2014, and last year I finally invested in a Frequent Fear Pass. Going so many times, I’ve learned some tips and tricks in order to make the crazy adventure a success. Today, I have five of my favorite tips and tricks for you to get the most of your time at Halloween Horror Nights.

  1. Frequent Fear Pass is a Must!

If you plan on going to Halloween Horror Nights for more than just one night, buy the Frequent Fear Pass! This pass allows you to come more than once to the park throughout the two months of September, October and even November if there were days they had to shut down due to the hurricane.

The ticket prices depend on the days you want to go being that Fridays and Saturdays are the most expensive days to go. If you buy the cheapest ticket for the cheapest day for just one day and then go again, thats about the cost of having a ticket that would allow you to go at least more than 10 times. So although it’s a bit pricey at first, it really is worth it!

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I definitely recommend buying the tickets that don’t include Saturdays because the park is usually super crowded and full of young kids anyway that it can become chaotic and not fun.

Another tip for getting the tickets is to buy them online! I have made the mistake of thinking they would sell me the same priced ticket at the ticket booth and they didn’t. Tickets online are by far much cheaper so be sure to have your tickets already when you get to Universal.

2. Going Late = Less Lines, More Activities

I cannot tell you the amount of times me and my friend would go to HHN after our late night shifts at work and would arrive around 11 to midnight. Even though this is late and you do miss the initial excitement of the beginning of HHN, if you’ve already gone early a couple times, try going late.


Going later means many of the high schoolers who have school the next day or adults who have jobs tend to leave around 11 making lines at HHN much shorter.

3. Charge Your Phone!

I have made the mistake of not having a fully battery when I got to HHN to have my phone die on me in the middle of the night. Make sure to have your phone fully charged or bring a portable charger so that it won’t happen to you.

Halloween Horror Nights is notorious for the never ending lines (or queue for my UK friends) and a lot of time waiting in line includes using your phone to play games like Heads Up, taking pictures and/or videos.

4. Talk to the People Around You

I have met sooo many people from playing Heads Up with friends and by simply just striking up a conversation with them in the middle of Halloween Horror Nights. The lines in HHN can last to almost two hours (or more!) and meeting new people can really make the time pass by.

Usually everyone who goes to HHN are people from Florida and Georgia, and the ages range from young high schoolers to people in the late twenties (and there are big groups of family as well). But if you are around those ages above, you’ll definitely meet people who you find a lot in common with and it can be so much fun!

5. Plan What You Want to Do With Friends

Going to Halloween Horror Night with a plan is always a good idea especially if you’re only going for one night. A good idea is trying to do all the rides like Rip Ride Rocket, The Mummy and Harry Potter’s and The Escape from Gringotts before you go to the houses, because typically the lines to these rides are smaller in the beginning because the amount of people who really came for the houses.

These rides then around midnight sometimes start to pick up and last forever while the houses line wait gets smaller. However make sure that you’re friends and you come up with a plan about which houses and rides you all want to do together.

You want to make sure you and your friends are on the same page because separating from friends here is not a good idea, because of the amount of long lines and bad cell phone service, it can be impossible to find friends once you’ve lost them.

Additional Little Tip!

Check out Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley! Throughout the last couple of years since this area had opened, they have allowed it to be open for HHN guests to enjoy. I highly recommend checking it out in the late night hours for some magic and be sure to read my previous post for tips on the area!

Thank you so much for reading and be sure to leave a comment about some fun times you had at Halloween Horror Nights if you’ve gone!

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