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Happy One Year Blogiversary!

I cannot believe I began Melody Wanders one year ago this week! It has been an incredible journey to be able to travel and write about my experiences for all to see! I learned so much about myself, this blog, people and most of all how wonderful life can be. I write a list (of course) of a couple of things I absolutely love about this blog, the most popular things I wrote, my favorite things to write about and what I’ve learned. So crank open a glass of wine and celebrate with me!

Top Three Things I Absolutely Love About This Blog!

  1. Love of writing

This blog of mine has really brought back this love of writing for me. I have loved writing since I was really young and I put it on the back burner for a long time and I am so thrilled that its come back into my life this way where I get to write about my absolute favorite thing, traveling

2. Connecting with people all over the world

I absolutely love that this blog gets read from all over the world and in turn I hope that it inspires people to go after what they love doing. It’s possible, no matter what, to live the life of your dreams if you believe that you can and I hope that this blog motivates you to believe that.

3. Capturing moments I never want to forget!

Another one of my favorite things about this blog, is that it has captured so many of the amazing moments I’ve had traveling so far and it’s wonderful to be able to look back and remember all the moments I’ve had that inspired me and show me just how spectacular the universe really is. Its made me realize how to be in the moment more in order to capture real experiences to write about.

Five Most Read Posts On My Blog!

5. 10 Tips for 18-20 Year Old Cruisers

Ten tips for the most underrated group on a cruise!

4. My Travel Plans for 2017!

A list of things I’ve done and planned to do for this year!

3. Detained at a London Airport

A sad tale of the time I was denied entry into England.

2. 7 Magic Kingdom Tips

Seven of my favorite tips for Disney World’s most popular theme park!

  1. Welcome to My Travel Blog!

The post that started it all on how and why I began traveling and the beginning of my blogging career.

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Top Five Posts I Loved Writing

5. A Love Letter to New York

It was amazing to write this post and discover how much I had grown to love New York City throughout the years and I really loved how I told the love story.

4. Bike Riding in London

One of my favorite days in London that I loved capturing to remember. I loved writing about the time I spent with my friends and family that day and how spectacular the views on the bike were that day.

3. 10 Tips for 18-20 Year Old Cruisers

I remember trying to find an article like this before I went on a cruise when I was nineteen to somehow help me find friends, find stuff to do and overall have a great time. I realized that I could only learn on my own and then share my experiences to help someone else who might be in the same boat.

2. 21 Things | A Compilation

Unlike anything I’ve written before on this blog, I had wanted to write this so badly about my trip. I went through a lot of ups and downs during this trip of my 21st birthday and I wanted to poetically and therapeutically write about it. It was a very creative and new way for me to write about the beautiful and hard moments of that trip.

  1. Detained at a London Airport

This was by far the toughest thing to write on my blog but it was also the most beautiful and rawest thing to write. Writing it really made me go through the motions of what happened and in turn help me let go of some of that anger and sadness. Although it was very hard to write about, in my opinion, it’s my best post on Melody Wanders. Sometimes traveling isn’t always glamorous and great, its heartbreaking and sad and I’m glad to have captured it the way I did.

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Five Things I Learned

  1. Blogging is a lot harder than I thought

When I began this blog a year ago, I really didn’t really realize how hard it would be. At times it has been really hard to keep a schedule every week and always have great topics to talk about. Not to mention having topics that people actually want to read about and that I want to write. I’ve had a lot of trial and error with it and I feel like I finally got somewhat the hang of it.

2. Being honest is important

As much as I wanted to make my life seem glamorous and make sure all my stories were all about the happy times I’ve had, sometimes theres hard and sad moments in midst of great travel. I think being honest in my stories has allowed my blog to remain genuine. I want my readers to see it’s not always fun and sometimes you hit bumps in the road but its about what you choose to do about it that remains important.

3. You don’t have to be an expert at something to be great

I am not a photographer, nor did I major in travel writing and/or business but I have found that it doesn’t matter. I have put my heart and soul into this blog and I’ve loved how it has all turned out, sometimes I have typos, sometimes I have a bad photo but it doesn’t mean it’s not a great blog.

2. I have fallen back in love with writing

I used to write about anything and everything when I was young and free. It would make me so happy to come up with stories or write about my day in my diary. It’s sad that as time went on I became conditioned by outside sources to think that I could never do this as a job and it would never lead to anything but I have found that this writing could take me anywhere I wanted to go if I trusted myself enough. I love writing this blog and I know I’m going to be writing for the rest of my life!

  1. Love, actually is all around

While writing and posting from all around the world, I have found so much love and support from people I know to people I haven’t spoke to in years and it’s really been so heartwarming and inspiring to have people from around the world let me know they loved my blog or reading a post I wrote about. I’m so extremely grateful to every single person whose commented, liked a photo, and told me in person that they’ve read my blog. Thank you so much to each and every one of you!

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There you have it, a little bit of everything in my blog’s birthday post! I’m so happy to have stayed on this journey with you and please feel free to comment something below and subscribe for many more journeys with me!

I'm a twenty-one year old wandering soul. I've been traveling the world and having adventures of all types since I was young. Welcome to my traveling journal, from swimming in the crystal blue Caribbean to hiking and yodeling on an Austrian mountain. Here we go!

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