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Hiking in Sedona, AZ / Grand Canyon

After the glitz and glam of Las Vegas, we left and began our drive towards Sedona, Arizona. This was one of my most anticipated stops on this American road trip and I was really excited to visit this red town.

On the way to Arizona, we decided to drive on good ole Route 66. As I played one of my favorite songs Rascal Flatts’s “Life Is A Highway”, I enjoyed looking out my car window and watching the scenery change from brown fields to these unique red mountains.

Airport Loop

The next day, we were up early and we were determined to head on a hike in one of Sedona’s many hiking trails.

We decided on Airport Loop, thinking it would be easy and wouldn’t last too long but boy were we wrong. The trail, just like it’s name, loops around a huge mountain which feature a few scary cliffs and a ton of spectacular views.

It seems almost unreal and felt as though I was in the middle of a western classic as I stood atop of the mountain looking at the view from all the different angles.

It truly feels magical and inspiring to be hiking in a place like this, even after the sweat and aches, it was amazing.

Eating in Sedona

Because I was healthy eating and living a fit lifestyle, I absolutely loved how healthy and wholesome the food and drinks were in Sedona. I ate so many great and whole foods that were all naturally grown nearby.

Grand Canyon

There is no way anyone can go on an road trip across the United States and not visit Grand Canyon. So we got in the car and headed up to see one of the greatest wonders in the world.

It was raining earlier that day so the skies were cloudy and air was foggy. I worried I wouldn’t be able to see anything except for a hazy outline when we finally arrived to the Grand Canyon. However, just for a moment the skies opened up revealing the sun to display the glorious landmark.

The Grand Canyon was everything I expected and so much more. There is something almost emotional about seeing it thats catches you by surprise.

Its absolutely amazing to see how much beauty there is in a place like this. Just like everything about this trip, it was surreal to see it in person and to see how big it truly was.

The Universe is magnificent in so many ways, and seeing the beauty of this earth is inspiring The Grand Canyon itself, left me feeling like I could do anything and accomplish whatever I wanted. And that was surprising to get from one place.

Even now, writing about it months later, I remember the feeling of being there and I keep the picture of it close to my heart. I remember just being extremely thankful to all the factors that brought me there in that moment.

The world will surprise you in every way possible, so stay on the journey and enjoy.

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