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My Five Tips for Packing | Long Term Edition

Packing and unpacking can be one of the worst parts of traveling but it’s something that has be done. I have tried all sorts of methods for packing in small suitcases to large suitcases to duffle bags. Packing for long term trips can be tough, especially if you don’t know where exactly you’ll be or what the weather will be like.

However, after traveling for five months consecutively, I feel like I finally got a method to the madness. I have come up with five great tips and tricks to make the packing process a whole lot easier.

  1. Packing Cubes aka My New Best Friends

These packing cubes are very affordable and super helpful when traveling long term. They were such a life saver when I was traveling. They were great because they kept everything so nicely organized and I felt like I could fit more clothes into a smaller bag. They were also easy to get out of the suitcases and put into drawers if I was staying somewhere for awhile so I didn’t have to necessarily unpack.

The most efficient way to use them is organize and sort clothes into packing cubes by categories like pants, shirts, dresses, underwear. You should also pack things like makeup and hair products in their own separate little bags as well.

2. Pack Layers!

If you’re planning on traveling through different climates during your trip, be sure to pack some layers you can build up for colder days and take off for the hotter ones.

When I was traveling earlier this spring, I visited colder places like San Francisco but I also went to Islands in the Caribbean so I had to be sure to pack a range of clothes I could wear in both climates.

3. Pack Lightweight Items!

Like I mentioned above I traveled in colder climates so I brought a jacket but since I was traveling to warmer places after that I wanted to be sure to pick a jacket that didn’t take up room and was lightweight.

I ended up choosing a jacket from Northface that was really lightweight and could easily be put in my suitcase so it didn’t take any room. So when choosing items, be sure that everything you pack is able to easily fit in your bag.

4. Bring Clothes That Shift from Day to Night

Like many of you know, I went on a few cruises this year and cruises are known to have fancy dinners where everyone dresses up. Although I wanted to bring a ton of dresses, I had to be practical and bring clothes that could shift from day to night.

I was sure to bring lots of pretty blouses I could wear over bathing suits in the day but with the right jewelry or shoes could shift to a really elegant outfit for the night.

5. Don’t Assume You Won’t Find Items While Traveling

For example, last year before I left for the summer, I packed and overstocked on a ton of makeup, hair and feminine products because I assumed I wouldn’t find those items abroad.

However, this takes up so much room and I found that the stores in Europe carried almost everything I used and needed. If they didn’t, I found some great alternatives that I actually miss because I don’t live abroad anymore.

So be open to the possibilities of new products and that they most likely will have the products you need.

There you have it! These tips have really been life savers and I hope they help you out if you’re packing for long term travel. Although it can be a pain to pack, it’s an exciting process to go somewhere new so enjoy it!

Thanks for reading! Be sure to comment below some of your great tips and tricks for packing long term!

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