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Viva Las Vegas: Adventures of an Underage Gal

At the time of this epic road trip, I was only a couple months away from turning 21. Because I had been abroad nearly six months ago, I had gotten a glimpse of the freedom that came from having a glass of wine whenever I wanted and being able to go out until the early hours of the morning.

So this trip around the United States had been amazing but I had occasionally felt the disadvantages of being underage in certain places. However, none were as bad as Las Vegas, the land of the 21 and older.

Two Hotels, Two Epic Views

The drive from Los Angeles was short but pleasant and I spent the time watching one of the greatest movies of all time, Shawkshank Redemption and by the time the film was over, we were pulling into our first hotel, The Elara.

The Elara was large, grand and everything I expected from a Vegas hotel. The view from the room was spectacular especially at night.

Out of the two hotel rooms we had this one was definitely my favorite, the room was a luxurious one bedroom with a large kitchen and tons of space to host parties.

The hotel was in the middle of all the chaos being that it was situated, like most hotels in the area, right next to the mall with easy access from the lobby.

Like I mentioned before, at the time I was underage so I found that shopping became a great alternative and I spent alot of time (and money) in malls instead of clubs and casinos like most of the people here.

After three nights, we switched it up and went over to The Vdara which connected to other hotels including the famous Bellagio. Although the room was slightly smaller, the view was still amazing.

This hotel featured an upscale club and casino inside where I again was not allowed so I had to be sure I walked quickly though the hotel to avoid suspicion. The hotel also had a great pool that always felt like a pool party that I was graciously allowed to sit by and burn under a hotel sun.

Caesar Palace

If you’ve ever thought about Las Vegas, this hotel will usually pop into your mind and It’s everything you would expect it to be. The hotel is connected to a gigantic mall and huge casino where everywhere features intricate greek details including ceiling murals and carvings to really make out a palace.

We had dinner there one night to get some surf n turf, and afterwards around 11 we walked around the grand mall. My sister and I walked a bit ahead of our parents and we found ourselves being followed by a security guard. We both look young, I understand but the following was really annoying that I wish he would have just asked us if we were old enough to be out so late but he never did.

Overall, I found Caesars Palace to be astoundingly beautiful and almost surreal that I hope one day I get the chance to stay there myself.

The Venetian

Another glamorous hotel modeled after the great city that practically underwater. The hotel featured a ton of gorgeous shops and even had a river flowing right through the hotel where you could get a ride on a gondola. I was there pretty late so I wasn’t able to get a ride but maybe I’ll head to the real Venice one day and do it there.

Around the World in an Hour

One of my favorite parts of Las Vegas was the fact that I could see many of the world’s famous spots in a smaller scale right there in the middle of Vegas. This was also something I could do that didn’t require me and my sister to be over 21 although we did pass many drunk groups of people in the early afternoon hours.

There was so many interesting sights to see like mini Paris, and mini New York. I definitely recommend simply just walking around to see some sights and stopping at some of the many cool themed restaurants they have if you’re underage as well.


We did manage during the week to see two superb Vegas shows. The first was The Mentalist which was crazy, the guy was amazing that he could really read minds like that! Definitely 5/5!

The second show we saw was The Beatles Love: Cirque Du Soleil, which was spectacular and I felt my jaw drop several times throughout the show. 10/5 for sure!

Nights in Vegas

Nights were by far the worst time for little underage me in this never sleeping city. There is a curfew I believe if you’re under 18 but if you are over, you can go shopping until the malls close and I think you can hit up some restaurants just don’t think you’ll be able to walk into any club or bar you want. (Although I’ve met some people who got in underage just fine, but because I look so young I could never pass as older without a real ID.)

My parents continuously got free tickets to go to clubs and even got to see Steve Aoki perform and met Corrine from The Bachelor. It was a huge bummer that I was only a month away from being 21 when I found out.

However nights could be pretty cool, as the lights start to turn on all around Vegas and street performers play all around the boulevard.

One of my favorite nighttime shows was the fountain show right in front of the Bellagio that plays a different water show with a different song every 15 minutes. When I finally got a chance to stop and wait for a show, they played Frank Sinatra’s Fly Me To The Moon and it fit beautifully with this whole glam city.

I found Las Vegas to definitely be an adult’s theme park full of anything you can imagine to do especially drink and gamble. Next time I will definitely be taking advance of everything the city has to offer.

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