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The Five Benefits of No Data Abroad

In today’s world, the thought of not having your cell phone on you at all times as become a form of taboo. Having your phone with no service or data sounds even more outrages. What do you mean you’t call scroll through Instagram or Facebook at any given time?!

Living in the age of technology with gadgets always available at our figure tips, it can be hard to imagine what people did before having smart phones that allow you to communicate with anyone at anytime.

So it may be shocking to some that each time I’ve gone abroad away from where my data plan covers, I don’t pay extra for worldwide roaming or have data at all.

Being an online blogger myself, I can see how amazing the internet and social media can be, with having ability to communicate with people from all over the world and at the same time inspire people with all the great things that can be accomplish with photos on Instagram and posts on Facebooks.

However, it can be so freeing and life changing to where be apart from technology and really look around at my magnificent surroundings.

Of course, I still look around when I can for the occasional wifi and I can see where having a working phone could be great for emergencies.

But there are so many benefits I’ve found by not having data all the time and today I’m here to list them off for you!

  1. Being In The Moment

The best benefit of not having service at all times is that it has allowed me this freedom to be completely in the moment. It allowed me to really soak in every conversation I had with the people around me, in every food I got to taste and especially in every sight I got the opportunity to see.

Being in the moment, I have learned, is so important because like I stated in my last blog, there will never be a moment quite like this one that looks, taste, or feels the same again so we might as well embrace it and truly be in the now without having to check our phones to see if others are having a better time than we are.

2. Time for Yourself

I know there are a ton of solo travelers out there and the possibility of not having a phone with service on it can seem scary but its truly the best.

I know when I first traveled solo in a big city, it was easy to feel alone and like I didn’t have anyone to talk to so the instinct to grab my phone would always hit me so I could text friends from home or scroll through Facebook in order to not look so lonely.

But without the data, I was left on my own to deal with the situation. I learned that this was a great time to read a beautiful book or grab a glass of wine in a piazza while I gazed at the people around me.

These were the times for me to have a date with myself to learn more about what I wanted to do without having someone tell me and for self love and exploration. I learned to appreciate this moments and not waste it glancing at my phone.

3. Courage to Talk to New Friends

Another wonderful benefit of having no service was having the courage to talk to the people around me. This brought me so many new friends and experiences that would have never happened had I been glued to my phone texting or scrolling through Twitter.

This freedom allowed me to talk to more people and let them get to know the real me before they saw an Instagram photo or a Facebook post. It also allowed me to really focus in on the conversations I had with others in order to really get to know them.

4. Trying New Things

Like I mentioned above, not having a phone with service has made me do things I wouldn’t do on a regular basis. It really has made me get out of my comfort zone and try new things.

It can be boring to not have my phone in certain instances and because of this I have tried so many new things. I’ve rock climbed, ziplined, hiked and have been in true awe of all the cool things I’ve done because I didn’t have a cell phone with me.

5. If You’re Loving Life, People Around You Will Too

I was on board a cruise ship, in total, for more than a month this year and wifi service on board can get pricey but I always had the choice to get it but I never did. The friends around me would differ on if they have data or not but it never really mattered.

Because if you’re out there loving life, choosing happiness and being unapologetically yourself, the people around you will too. If I was having a fun and exciting conversation with someone with neither one of us checking our phones, more people would leave their phones unattended, join in and partake in the small incredible moment we were all having.

Even if you’re not some world wide traveler and you’re at home with the option to have your phone on you at all times, take a moment to leave it at home the next time you hang out with friends or you’re out by yourself, look around and be in the moment.

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