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5 Secret Epcot Tips (Walt Disney World)

As I previously stated in a post, Disney World is one of my favorite places in the world and because of this I have made myself a little bit of an expert from decades spent visiting the parks and living in Orlando for five of those years.

Epcot is always stated second to Magic Kingdom and although it doesn’t have nearly as many rides there are still tons of things to do in the park and I have some great secret tips to share!

1. No Free Parking Pass? No problem!

If you happen to have a ticket to Epcot but no free parking pass be sure to leave your car at the Boardwalk Resort and let the parking attendant know you are planning to dine at one of the many restaurants on the Boardwalk. From there you can walk a short ten minute walk to the park.

Although there have been times they have asked us if we have a reservation and we inform them we do not (because they often have list of the reservations), they realize our “secret” plan and tell us we can’t park there.
However, a good idea is to try to make a reservation and cancel once you’ve parked your car or you can even go as far as planning to eat at one of the restaurants for breakfast or lunch before you head into Epcot. 

2. Epcot has two different areas in the park, Future World and World Showcase!

My travel plan for days spent in Epcot are to head to the popular rides in Future World first and then head over and check out the World Showcase later on in the afternoon because the World Showcase only contains two rides, The Three Musketeers in Mexico and the Frozen ride in Norway.

If you enter the park from Future world head over to the left in the World Showcase and begin in Mexico then Norway and make your way around the “world.”

3. Get FastPass for Popular Rides!

Because Epcot only has less than a handful of really amazing rides, be sure to get your FastPass for rides such as Soarin’, Test Track and the Frozen ride in advance. If not be sure to head over there first thing in the morning or as the park closes.

4. Best Place for Fireworks!

I have been coming to this theme park since Disney use to have a night parade that would travel throughout the whole World Showcase and even though they have gotten ride of that spectacular parade they still have a phenomenal Firework show usually starting at 9pm.

The best place to watch the fireworks is in the Italy Pavilion
because for me, it feels like the only pavilion to clearly show the fireworks with no trees or objects in the way. Sometimes they hold events and banquets in the best areas in front of the Italian pavilion, but if you can get as close as you can to the water, you’re in for an amazing show!

*Extra Tip* If you are a Chase card holder that has a Disney design on it, they often give special benefits for card holders like special areas to watch the fireworks and front row seats to concerts. 

5. Don’t Miss Out on Seasonal Events!

Epcot host two huge festivals during the year and it always brings in thousands if not millions of people each year and it’s always lots of fun!

Flower and Garden Festival

Time of Year
: Beginning of March till the end of May.

Features gorgeous displays of thousands of flowers with some decorated into Disney characters!
They also bring in lots of different tents for different kinds of food and drinks! Last but not least they have a spring concert series involving unknown bands replaying some popular music.

Food and Wine Festival

Time of Year
: Beginning of September till the end of October.

My personal favorite because they feature a ton of tents dedicated to many different countries around the world, where they sell some of the country’s special dishes and drinks. They also have a special concert series that features many famous singers and bands. (I’ve seen Wilson Phillips, David Cook, Boys II Men and many more spectacular musicians at these concerts.)

I hope you enjoyed my tips and tricks for Epcot and I hope you’re able to have an amazing time in this theme park!

Be sure to leave a comment below mentioning some of your favorite things in Epcot!

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