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Pacific Coast Sunsets in San Diego, CA

I’ve been in California before but I was only six years old, so it had been about fifteen years and it was hard to remember the things I had seen that long ago. However, when we arrived to southern California, there were no shortages of palm trees, beaches and an ocean I wasn’t familiar with. 

Within a few days, I quickly fell in love with the So Cal ways and their endless views of mountains, which is sadly lacking in Florida. Even though we stayed in the Carlsbad/San Diego area, the views felt like something old Hollywood legends would have looked at everyday.
Our first stop in the area was, of course, In N Out! I have met many people who swear by their burgers and I knew as soon as I was in reach of one, I had go try it out! The burger was pretty phenomenal (but I don’t know if it replaces above my beloved Shake Shack.)

At night, we hit up Downtown San Diego, which had lots of different things to see and do including Little Italy! I loved seeing all the different Italian restaurants that I just had to stop by and check out one of them for myself.

Over the next couple days, we also visited Balboa Park. This park contained lots of beautiful green landscapes and areas to sit and drink beers in front of beautifully crafted museums. It also featured fountains and a stone like gazebo which gave shade and offer visitors a quiet place to read and relax while overlooking a Californian view.
In the span of a week, we also managed to visit the beach a few times and I really loved every moment I spent watching waves crash against rocks near a herd of seals. Although different to the flour like sand in Florida, there was something calming and fresh about the Pacific Ocean.

As I watched a sun set against a blue sea with seals chatting amongst one another, I could see why this state has been so raved about and should continue to be.

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