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Vintage Spanish Vibes in San Antonio, Texas

The next stop on the epic road trip was San Antonio. Although the drive was short from Houston, the scenery of the city seemed to change drastically.

On the first night there, I wander down to the River Walk, which as the name depicts has a river running through a series of restaurants and shops that would stay open late into the night. 

Although it was late, crowds of people were enjoying drinks and sharing laughs on that Tuesday night.

San Antonio is situated quite close to Mexico and because of this, the vibrant city seemed to express a certain old Spanish vibe. The buildings around the river were old and reminded me of old Hollywood film scenery like Cary Grant and Irene Dunne could walk by any minute with some fabulous dialogue.
Even though I had only been in the city a few hours, I knew right away this place would be one of my favorites. 
During the entire trip, we managed to visit many unforgettable places in San Antonio and I got to see why the city was so popular and still growing with new residents every day.
The Alamo

The Alamo, which still stands in San Antonio today, was part of an event that had been pivotal in the Texas Revolution.

Being that the events that occurred were in the 1800s, it was amazing to see how well it had preserved throughout the years.
As I walked around the area, I could feel the rustic yet proud Texan impression. At the center of this landmark is a beautiful garden and surrounding the garden are nooks and rooms of artifacts of past battles.

Because I arrived late to the area, I wasn’t able to see much but next time I’m in the city I will be sure to put this at the top of my list. 

Tower of The Americas

For dinner one night, we headed all the way up on the magnificent tower that overlooks the entire city of San Antonio. It was absolutely breathtaking and the best part about being up there is that we got to sit down in a restaurant that spun so we were able to see all the angles of the unique Texan city.

The Pearl District

This district was a very interesting area that many people visit every day to enjoy views by the water and to drink some beer from the Pearl Brewery that resides there. There are many bohemian styled restaurants, bars and shops to spend time in each with their own very different auras. 


The whole area though quiet and mysterious, was very hipster in the way that you could come with friends to enjoy a night out and buy things no one you know would own. I loved it and I had always wanted to find a place like that close to where I lived.

River Walk

We did, of course, go back to the River Walk to enjoy a ride atop the river that seemed to go on forever just like the restaurants that surrounded it. I listened as a funny man with an accent told our tour about the place he called home.

I learned about how retro and vintage the place really was and how men though it is a growing city, there area no subways to get around in. I also learned about the many old Hollywood stars that have come to see what a magnificent place San Antonio was and still is. 

I only spent four days in San Antonio yet it had captured my heart. It was a place that Hemingway obsessed with Spain would have approved of as a quick Spanish fix. I definitely will come back to this lovely city.

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