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How I Stay Healthy while Traveling 

I am currently traveling long term with my family and soon my friends. Being that it is the beginning of the year and I’m trying to get back into a healthier lifestyle, because of traveling, it has proven to be more challenging this year then years prior. 

However, I’ve been traveling for a month and I’ve somehow manage to stick to a routine whilst I travel. So I’m here to tell you what has been working for me while I’ve been traveling so you may get some ideas for yourself.

Now, be aware that I am no expert and I’m not here to tell you how to eat or live your life because what works for me may not work for you or bring you joy and if it doesn’t do that then what are we here for.

1. Eating Smarter When Dining Out or In
Like they say “You don’t grow abs in the gym, you grow them in the kitchen.” This is very true! It’s really about the foods you eat! 
When I started this healthier lifestyle last year and I lost 10+ pounds, 85% of the progress came from eating healthier things and choosing better options when eating out or eating in. Though it has been hard to cleaner on the road, I found that I could still be healthy and eat delicious food whiled I traveled. 
So when I dined out, I choose options that don’t carry lots of fried food and I’m sure to choose healthier options when dining out like a salad instead of fries or a burger but with no bun. 
However, I make sure not to cut myself off from foods I love such as cookies and a good burger, instead I treat myself to about two to three meals a week with a meal or dessert I really love!

2. Walk
If I don’t have time or space to work out, I make sure when I have the option that I walk or take stairs in order for me to get my cardio in for the day!
I just recently headed to a city where the streets were insanely hilly and I really worked up a sweat walking up and down those hills all day. I didn’t even think about grabbing a taxi or Lyft so I could really get my cardio in!
3. Work Out at Night!
If I do have the time and space to workout, like if I’m staying at a hotel with a great gym, I make sure to work out at night.

I’ve developed a much better routine when I started working out at night. Throughout the day, I can get busy sightseeing and I’ve found working out at night is the best time to really hit the gym before I head to bed.

Also if you’re traveling in the USA and you have a membership to a gym that’s available nationwide, check in and see if you can use their gym in different cities while you travel!

Learning to eat healthier as been a journey for myself and I have never regretted it because I’ve learn that because I love my body I want to nourish it with better foods. But part of this process has been about not beating myself up when I do want to enjoy a piece of cake or having some fries with dinner because it’s a lifestyle not a diet. 

I hope you’re all able to get some tips and gather some ideas for yourself!

I'm a twenty-one year old wandering soul. I've been traveling the world and having adventures of all types since I was young. Welcome to my traveling journal, from swimming in the crystal blue Caribbean to hiking and yodeling on an Austrian mountain. Here we go!

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  1. I love this post.

    My husband and I just moved to Vancouver, so we are living in a hotel while we work out where we should live. I’m having to be so careful with what we eat!

    I do love how much I end up walking when we’re travelling though. 🙂