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Learning in Houston, Texas

We arrived to Houston, Texas in the middle of a Saturday, hungry for crawfish. Because Houston is close to the Louisianna Border, I managed to find Carl’s Crawfish restaurant which was coincidentally only opened during the weekend and was packed to the max. After waiting nearly an hour, I finally got to see what the hype was about and let me tell you, the crawfish was worth the wait. 

While drinking some beer and figuring out how to break open the crawfish, I looked around and got my first look at the Texan people, who clearly knew the correct way to eat crawfish. I noticed how many people wore shirts that symbolized their state and I got a glimpse of the Texan pride I had heard all about. Everyone was super friendly and nearby tables were willing to help out on any crawfish question we had, which was superb.
For a first day, I was really liking the Texan atmosphere and it’s local residents and I was excited to see what else was in store in this new State.

My family and I stayed at the Hilton in the center of downtown Houston, which was great and meant we had a Starbucks inside our hotel (which I loved!) The hotel had a gorgeous display of lights amongst the difference building once night fell upon this Texas city. 

During the week we bought a City Pass, so we could check out all of the exciting things there are to do in the city!
Houston Space Station

This was the top destination I wanted to visit when I found out I would be visiting Houston. For five years, I have lived less than thirty minutes away from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida and I had only gone once long ago, but now that I was out of state, I was dying to visit this Space Center. 

I have always been super fascinated by space and the universe, so I was super excited to see how far we’ve gotten by space travel.

I learned that this space center was meant for arriving space shuttles unlike the Kennedy Space Center which was meant for shuttles to depart from. Because of this the two space centers have a lot of difference and similarities which was really interesting to learn about and see. 

Houston Aquarium

With the City Pass, we also got into the aquarium which was a nice thought, but by the end left me feeling sad. The aquarium looks big from the outside yet once inside the entire tour of the aquarium went quickly and I honestly felt like it wasn’t worth the time or money to visit. 

The fish were magnificent, but the tanks they were kept in were much too small for some of the bigger fish they had. Fish are meant to be free and roam open waters not be caged in for people to barely glance over them.

Kemah Boardwalk

We also got to check out the attraction in this mini carnival area near the water. Because it was the middle of February, not all the rides in the area were open, but nevertheless the place was packed and I managed to ride a few rides before the day was through. 

Science Museum

Last to go with the City Pass was the Science museum which featured tons of cool and exciting things, including the planetarium where we watched a thirty minute show about the dark areas of the Universe and I loved every single minute of it!

We also got a look at the circle of life by the representation they had on display in this Texan exhibit which left me laughing and entertained.

Houston was definitely a city full of exciting things to see and do! I’m so happy I was able to learn so much (especially about space) in such an exciting city! If any of you ever visit, be sure to check out my favorite places in the city like the Space Center and Science Museum.

If any of you live near or have been to Houston, let me know of any other great places to check out next time I’m in the area!

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