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Ten Travel Films You Might Have Missed

Watching a movie, film, or like they said back in the day, a talking picture, are all escapes for the mind. Films are something to get lost in, like you would a book; you become involved with the characters, wanting to know how it will all end. Travel movies add something extra to this immediate feeling of compassion, because not only do they insert you into other people’s thoughts and actions, but they also transport you into a whole different mindset because of the new and different location.

I am a movie fanatic. I love re-watching my favorite films and discovering new movies to watch. We’ve all seen some great popular travel movies like Eat, Pray, Love (2010) and Letters to Juliet (2010), but there are so many more out there to discover!

Here are my top ten travel films you may have not seen!

  1. Before Sunrise (1995) featuring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delphy


Makes you want to buy a ticket to: Vienna, Austria

Two strangers meet on a train and decide to spend the day together in Vienna. I traveled to Vienna recently and because I had watched this film, it made the city feel familiar. The conversations that the two characters share is raw, real and will leave you wanting more.

  1. Only You (1994) featuring Robert Downing Jr. and Faith Corvatch


Makes you want to buy a ticket to: Italy

A woman, with faith in destiny, believes that her true love goes by the name of Damon Bradley, although she has never met anyone with that name. But right before she is set to marry someone else, she gets her first lead on the name prompting her to fly off to Italy to find him. This movie is one of the 90s classic travel films I love to watch from time to time.

  1. Midnight in Paris (2011) featuring Owen Wilson, Rachel Adams, and Marion Contillard


Makes you want to buy a ticket to: Paris, France

An American writer is traveling in France with his fiancée; but soon finds that he has traveled through time in Paris ending up in the Jazz Age, where he meets his writing idols. The cinematography in this film is enough of a reason to see the movie, but bring in 1920’s Paris and it makes it that much better.

  1. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013) featuring Ben Stiller

story. Credit: Wilson Webb/Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp.

Makes you want to buy a ticket to: Iceland

This story is about a guy who leads a boring life but dreams of doing more, finally he decides to leave his current life and travel. I watched this film for the first time on my first solo flight to Germany before I began college and it truly inspired me to travel instead of study.

  1. A Room with a View (1985) featuring Helena Bonham Carter, Maggie Smith and Julian Sands


Makes you want to buy a ticket to: Florence, Italy

Two Englishwomen travel to Italy and meet a group of English travelers in Florence and one of the ladies falls in love. This film is a classic and feels timeless. It is a wonderful interpretation of the book by the same name.

  1. Adore (2013) featuring Naomi Watts and Robin Wright


Makes you want to buy a ticket to: Australia

Two best friends fall in love with each other’s son. While the film isn’t about traveling, it has some beautiful shots of Australia, that made me wish I was there. It is a bit strange, but it is also an amazing story that’s definitely underrated.

  1. Copenhagen (2014) featuring Gethin Anthony and Frederikke Dahl Hansen


Makes you want to buy a ticket to: Copenhagen, Denmark

An American travels to Denmark to find his grandfather and forms a friendship of sorts with a local teenage girl who helps him out. I found this film on Netflix and it was a great film that also seems to be highly underrated.

  1. Leap Year (2010) featuring Amy Adams and Matthew Goode


Makes you want to buy a ticket to: Ireland

An American girl plans to propose to her boyfriend on leap day, but instead ends up traveling through Ireland to Dublin with an Irish guy. This is one most of us have seen but if you haven’t, be sure to check out some of the amazing shots this film has of Ireland’s greatest places.

  1. Under the Tuscan Sun (2003) featuring Diane Lane


Makes you want to buy a ticket to: Tuscany, Italy

An American woman goes through a divorce and decides to move away from everything she knows to live in Italy. I feel like I have re-watched this movie more than a thousand times because it’s such an inspiring movie that makes you feel like you are capable of doing anything you want and to inspire you to have trust in the universe. Definitely watch this film if you want to travel and you’re looking to be inspired.

  1. French Kiss (1995) featuring Meg Ryan and Kevin KlineMakes you want to buy a ticket to: France


A women finds out her fiancé has found love abroad on a business trip, she sets out to get him back but finds unwanted help from a French man. I love this film so much for many different reasons, the witty dialogue, and beautiful scenery and of course, the romance. It all combines to make a spectacular film that many people haven’t seen and it’s a shame to miss out on this one.

I hope you enjoy some of my favorite traveling movies. If you have any other suggestions for films, be sure to leave a comment below!

I'm a twenty-one year old wandering soul. I've been traveling the world and having adventures of all types since I was young. Welcome to my traveling journal, from swimming in the crystal blue Caribbean to hiking and yodeling on an Austrian mountain. Here we go!

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  1. Adore is one of my absolute favorites! Every time I watch it I want to be in the beautiful Australian waters!! Can’t wait to check out the rest.

  2. Totally love your blog! Before Sunset, Before Sunrise and Before Midnight are jewels to me. I would add: A Motorcycle diaries and Wild.